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Farm Tapas

Trio of cold meats

sow ham, lomo, chorizo bellota


"Chistorra", from the Basque word "txistorra" (sausage) is a Basque-Navarrese specialty. Thin red sausage made from pork fat, chili, salt and garlic.


Beef and veal meatballs cooked with a sweet pepper and Espelette pepper sauce


Thinly sliced beef with spices and bell pepper

Sea Tapas

Chipirons frits

Fried in hot oil then golden.

Fried red mullet with garlic

Fried 2 to 3 minutes then golden: the flesh of the mullet is fine and soft.

Chipirons tinta

Squid stuffed in its ink

Queues de gambas

Small prawns prepared with a delicious secret sauce.

Garden Tapas

Fèves façon Burgos

délicates fèves façon Burgos agrémentées de chorizo.

Seared piquillo peppers

A very sweet pepper spiced with garlic and olive oil.

Marinated artichokes

Artichokes marinated in olive oil with small slices of lomo.


A Basque tortilla with an incomparable taste.

Grilled tapas

Grilled tuna

Tuna cooked on the plancha (increasingly rare)

Prawns in La Plancha

Magnificent prawns with Potxo ingredients.

Garlic shells

Stir-fry for a few minutes on a plancha, with the chopped garlic and herbs.


Grilled sardines cooked for about 3 minutes on each side and sprinkled with Potxo ingredients.

Drinks from Potxolo

Home made Sangria

Red wine, citrus and secret spices, invites you on a journey to the heart of the Basque country.

Basque beer

A magnificent lager made in Basque country.

Excellent Spanish wine list

(Navarra among others)


Only delicious surprises!


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